Emergency Securement Services

Secure your Property with Professional Board Up Services in Greater Rochester NY

The need to safeguard your home or business is crucial to minimize the damage to your house or building. Securing your property and boarding it up is a job for the experts with Paul Davis Restoration. We provide emergency securement and board-up services for residents and business owners throughout the Greater Rochester area. Incidents like vandalism, fires, break-ins and rain can result in even bigger problems stemming from the initial source of the damage. Our emergency securement and board-up services offer both preemptive and responsive aid when these issues arise.

We’re here for you by providing 24/7 assistance. Contact us today if you need service right away. We’ll respond within 30 minutes and be at the site within 4 hours.

Property damages that require board up include:

  • Fires
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle Impacts
  • Break-ins & Theft

Paul Davis Will Secure Your Property

When circumstances are beyond our control, the best protection is to take preventative measures and protect your property. It’s to your benefit to hire the team with Paul Davis Restoration of Greater Rochester to board-up and secure your property when these incidents occur. Property board-ups prevent vandalism and theft.When you require immediate damage treatment and reconstruction services, turn to  Paul Davis Restoration of Greater Rochester We’re your community catastrophe cleanup and reconstruction specialists.

Securing damaged property is a key step in the restoration process and should be done as quickly as possible to prevent further loss. If a property has been damaged by fire, vehicle impact, vandalism, or other catastrophic events, Paul Davis provides emergency securement services that can save you and your customers time and money.

For over 50 years, Paul Davis has been a leader in restoration and reconstruction of homes and businesses damaged due to water, fire, mold and storms. If your policyholder needs property securement services, or any of our full-service restoration services, Call Paul!

  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Paul Davis secures clearance from local fire/police departments before entering the property to first ensure it’s safe, and to avoid disturbing potential evidence or the investigation process
  • We maintain an inventory of sheathing, tarp material, lumber and general board-up materials to handle any size job quickly
  • During the securement process, we work carefully to help ensure no further damage occurs to the structure and to protect the property owner’s contents
  • There is no cost to local municipalities, fire or police departments or other first responders for this service