Ice Dam Removal

The recent winter storms have caused snow and ice to build up. We can help.

An ice dam results from snow that melts and then refreezes on the eave of the house. This typically happens when the air outside stays below freezing, but the air inside the attic is warm. The warm air in the attic melts the snow on the roof which causes water to run down the roof and as they reach the eave and downspout they refreeze, causing a dam to form at the edge of the roof. This dam causes water to backup on the roof and can get under the shingles and backup into the walls and ceilings of your house. As the dam builds it gets heavier as well and when it warms up, it can dislodge from the roof in large pieces and can damage gutters, landscaping, AC compressors, or other items around the outside of your home.

The best approach to prevent additional water from coming into your home or having ice crash down onto your property is to steam the ice dams away. This is done by a professional and will not cause any additional damage to your shingles unlike other methods utilizing sledgehammers, or torches. First we remove excess snow from the affected area, and then steam channels through the ice dam to help melt it.

Typical ice dam removal is $400-600. In many cases your insurance company will pay for the ice dam removal and drying the interior of your home. Call us today for more information

Ice dam